Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Spiritual Mothers Report: USA d) Michigan, Minnesota; New Jersey


My correspondent from the Great Lakes State doesn't tell me whether or not I can use her real name. However, she does tell me that her parish has 'the great grace of having the 'Opus Sanctorum Angelorum associated with (it)' (see new link in sidebar here) So I will call her 'Angelica' unles or until she tells me otherwise. The OSA's site is a wonderful resource, particularly for those of us who currently do not have access to a group of spiritual mothers in their parish or diocese. There are two ways that you can support their 'Crusade for Priests' as an individual. (See also New Jersey below.)

'Angelica' is yet another friend who has been led here by Fr. Mark Kirby. She asks me to include her in my 'accounting of "spiritual mothers" and that she has been confirmed in the vocation by her priest spiritual director. She knows that there are quite a few other women in her parish 'who are definitely being drawn to spiritual maternity for priests. I know you will all join me in prayer for Angelica and her parish, and that its example will spread throughout Michigan.

Angelica also mentions the Lay Association 'Reparatrix. She thinks there are about a hundred members scattered throughout the USA and that the founder lives in Illinois. I have emailed A and asked her for more information. "The members live out their lives hidden in God, in a spirit of reparation for priests, especially those who are not living their vows." I haven't been able to find anything on the Internet about it but will post here anything I do discover.

Minnisota (The North Star State)

I had an email from a Lay Missionary of Charity of Mother Teresa. She's in Cottage Grove. Another LMC sends out daily messages and sometimes quotes Fr Mark. Mycorrespondent says that she prays often for many priests so when she read about spiritual motherhood she felt that she should do the same. She then very generously offers me her help. I pray that she will do this by spreading the word in her Association and in her locality generally, and that if it is the Lord's will, several will approach their bishop(s) about the formation of an official group. I intend to email her about this and will report any results here.

New Jersey

Esther (Honolulu) who gave a talk at the parish of St Stephen, Paterson in NJ emailed to tell me that she knows they started a group of Spiritual Mothers at parish level.

Another contact from the Garden State tells me that she too found me through Fr. Mark. She says she has adopted a priest through Opus Sanctorum Angelorum (see Michigan above) so it looks as if she is from an NJ parish that has not yet followed in the footsteps of St. Stephen's in Paterson.

Next up: Blog decisions and then USA e) New Mexico, Ohio and Oklahoma

God bless and profound thanks to all of you who have emailed me and to all our friends and followers. I've said it before and I'll say it again, if I've not yet replied to your email, I will do so as soon as possible.



  1. Jane, I have since learned that Fr. Dariusz's Spiritual Moms Ministry in Paterson, NJ has the Catholic women at his parish spiritually adopting the priests of the Diocese of Paterson.

  2. Esther:

    Thank you for this wonderful news. I'll highlight it in a blogpost as soon as possible.

    In union of prayer always,