Sunday, 16 August 2009

Father Mark Kirby flying to Ireland in a few hours.

Spiritual Mothers of Priests and all who benefit spiritually from his ministry on and off line, will want to join me in praying that Father Mark has a safe journey there and back and a wonderful stay in Ireland. See his latest post at Vultus Christi for details of what he'll be doing there, and why it is so important.

Next up, DV in a few hours:
'Trials and Attacks' on Spiritual Mothers of Priests. One of many reasons why we need an ever-increasing number of member followers, friends and supporters world-wide. Pray for priests and for all their spiritual mothers.

AND the first report on the UK

Monday's an email day so if you are waiting for a reply, watch out for me then! You can of course email me at any time at

God bless Father Mark and all here.

In union of prayer


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