Sunday, 30 August 2009

Prayers for Bishop Martino of Scranton PA; Seminarian in Ottawa Canada

Thank you to everyone who has sent in prayers for a spiritual bouquet to Bishop Martino. Please keep them coming. I'm hoping to send him the spiritual bouquet in a few days. In the meantime perhaps my contact in Philadelphia will let him know that we are praying for him. Am about to email her to see if she can do this.

Sorry the link in earlier post was useless to UK readers. Please Google 'Bishop Martino Scranton resigning'.

'Cloistered Heart': I'm sure no-one reading your comment will neglect to pray for this seminarian (see combox).

Next up, more good news from Ireland and Raleigh diocese NC, about seminarians and vocations to the priesthood; and brief report on appointment of an Administative Design Editor for this blog. Lots of improvements coming soon, hopefully within the next week. I'll warn you if the blog template is going to change, which I think it may well do.

Our Lady, Mother of the Church and Seat of Wisdom, intercede for our bishops.

God bless all here,


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