Monday, 17 August 2009

Spiritual Mothers of Priests and their friends: United Kingdom

At least as far as the Internet is concerned, the Diocese of Arundel and Brighton is the only publicly displayed 'jewel in the crown' of British spiritual motherhood and prayer for priests. This has come about through the efforts of orthodox Catholic laity. On June 15 this year, a blog run by a family of makers of Catholic films, posted that they were beginning a search for people willing to 'adopt' an A&B diocesan priest and pray for him daily throughout the Sacerdotal Year. On July 8 they announced that the Prayer for Priests Crusade target had been met. All the priests of Arundel and Brighton diocese (active and retired) have been adoopted by 161 people from around the world. You can read a description of how they went about achieving this success (link in sidebar). These 161 people have become adoptive spiritual parents and some of them are therefore spiritual mothers. The relevant information is on pages 30, and then 39 through 44 of the blog. Just start at the top and scroll . The oldest post on the subject is on page 43/44 Year of the Priest - Praying for A&B Priests. The most recent is on page 30/3131 A&B Prayer Crusade Target Reached.

I have several friends in A&B, one of whom alerted me to the Bevans family initiative. She is a follower of this blog and authors the blog of the Arundel and Brighton LMS so if you're interested in how the EF is doing there, please pay her a visit. She has recently run a questionnaire which has returned proof that there is definite demand for the 'old Mass' in her area. Arundel was the home of St. Philip Howard, one of our English Reformation Martyrs. Aside from giving Mass places and times, there are often interesting posts on pilgrimages and English Catholic heritage, paricularly in the south of the country.

So blessings and congratulations to the Bevans (the head of which family was recently ordained Permanent Deacon - Ad multos Annos!)

Repeated search on the Internet for initiatives like the Bevans' in other dioceses has revealed nothing . I've not had time to visit all the websites yet. However of the 7 I've looked at out of 22+Armed Forces, not all highlight the Year of the Priest on their home page and none mentions the Holy See's appeal regarding the movement for Spiritual Mothers of Priests.

I have personal contacts in two Scottish dioceses, one Welsh and seven English ones. One of my next tasks is to contact them all and ask them to ferret out information, and/or if they feel inspired to approach their bishops or parish priests. A fellow blogger Jane Teresa of 'My Heart was Restless' is in one of the northern dioceses and she was good enough, a few days ago, to give this blog a heads up post on hers.

There remains a very important group of five UK hidden spiritual mothers and supporters They are all in regular correspondence with me and I can assure you that many priests, and all people here, are being prayed for by them. One is in antother unknown northern English diocese, another in Edinburgh, three in the Archdiocese of Birmingham and yet one more in A&B.

May I make two urgent appeals:

1. Please will everone say a Hail Mary tonight for more spiritual mothers to come forward in the United Kingdom.

2. If you live in the UK please try to find out whether there is a group of spiritual mothers in your diocese or parish, and if there is not, please consider approaching your PP or bishop. Any information will be gratefully received in the combox or direct to me at

In union of prayer,


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  1. There used to be a group praying for Priests in Glasgow, but I can no longer find the link. Indeed, I think it has gone offline. :-(

    As regards Edinburgh, there is, at least, Eucharistic Adoration and praying for Priests every first Wednesday during this Year for Priests. Still, I do not think the idea of Spiritual Motherhood has become widespread.