Monday, 10 August 2009

Fr. Tim Finigan and 'Pelerin': Our English Friends in Lourdes

Both Fr Finigan and 'Pelerin' are in Lourdes this week, but I'm not sure either knows of the other's presence there, which is crazy, considering they live less than a hundred miles away from each other in the UK, and condidering also that 'Pelerin' is a regular attender at Mass at St. Mary Magdalene Brighton., where the PP, Fr. Ray Blake is a great friend of Fr. Finigan. These two priests represent the blogospheric 'salt of the earth' in England. (I will put up links to their excellent blogs asap. Here in Europe, we all know them, but perhaps not in the USA.) The last time I met 'Pelerin,' Fr. Tim was there, but Fr Ray absent; the last time I met Fr Tim and Fr. Ray together, 'Pelerin' was absent.

I should have been in Lourdes today with 'Pelerin'. We had it all planned. But my husband broke his leg (a few hours before the Holy Father flew to Jordan). It was a bad fracture of the femur. He was in hospital for six weeks and his frailty since his discharge put paid to my Lourdes Pilgrimage. Just before 'Pelerin' left for Lourdes last Friday, I emailed her and asked her to take to the feet of Our Lady in the Grotto, this blog and all the spiritual mothers represented on it, either publicly or in a hidden way. 'Pelerin' replied immediately, that she would.

Deo gratias.


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