Saturday, 27 March 2010

Fr Cantalamessa's 3rd Lenten Homily; Fr Bux's Meditation on the priest and the Paschal Triduum

May I recommend these if you haven't already found them:

Fr Cantalamessa's homily is here and Fr Bux's Meditation is here

With my prayers for a holy Holy Week

In Christo pro Papa

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Dutch Archbishop echoes Pope's teaching on Priesthood

Prelate Urges Prayer Life before Social Life
Laments Priests with a "lack of spiritual content" .......because they put their social work before their spiritual life".

"Archbishop Eijk of Utrecht voiced his concern......when he gave an address with the title 'Between the Spiritual Vocation and the Social Role' at a conference held held this month in the Pontifical Lateran University on the occasion of the Year for Priests."

A full report is here.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

The Priest in the Communion Rites

For this article by Paul Gunter O.S.B. please see here

I commend it because it does something the Holy Father has recommended. Namely that we look calmly and sensibly at both forms of the Roman Rite...........................

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Pope Benedict XVI: Two recent addresses on aspects of priesthood; Fr. Cantalamessa's 2nd Lenten Homily

1. Confession a Central Pasoral Concern. Vatican City March 11 2010

"It is necessary to turn to the Confessional."

Go here for a translation of the address Pope Benedict delivered upon receiving in audience participants of the course promoted by the Apostolic Penitentiary.

2a) Address to Priesthood Congress organised by the Congregation for Clergy. Vatican City March 12 2010

"There is a great need for priests that speak of God."

Link to translation here.

2b) On the above "Hermeneutic of Priestly Continuity" Fr Mark writes on Vultus Christi:

"I was inspired to offer a little commentary on the brilliant address that the Holy Father gave this morning to the International Theological Conference 'Fidelity of Christ; Fidelity of the Priest' organised by the Congregation for Clergy."

Thank you as always Father, for breaking the address into helpfully headed sections and then giving your comment on each one.

Go to Vultus Christi to read in full.

3. Fr. Cantalamessa's 2nd Lenten Homily given Friday March 12 in the presence of the Holy Father.

"Christ Offered Himself to God"

To read English Translation go here

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Spiritual Mothers and Friends

A joyful 'Laetare' Sunday, and Mothering Sunday to you and all your 'sons' in Holy Orders.

Please pray for me, and for Colin, the dear husband who has to put up with me...............

With my prayers always,

Thursday, 11 March 2010

A Call and a Suggestion from Fr. Mark: Novena to St Joseph

Most of you have probably already started this, but in case there's anyone else like me who missed the relevant posts on Vultus Chisti, here are the direct links:

For the St. Joseph Novena go here

In a more recent post entitled "In Our Struggle with the Powers of Darkness", Father concentrates on the figure of another Joseph, our Holy Father Pope Benedict, and records "the impression that. as the Year of the Priesthood draws to a close, the forces of evil are trying desperately to discredit the Holy Father and to disfigure the face of the Church. Days of shame and darkness have come upon Our Lord's beloved priests in so many countries........"

Oh how many Catholics do we all know, perhaps ourselves included, who feel the same, and with it a terrible sense of impotence. But Father suggests that there is in fact a cause for hope, and invites us to pray the St. Joseph Novena "for the Joseph whom God has set over the household of His Church: Pope Benedict XVI....................... It is no coincidence that in these days of battle against the powers of darkness, the Successor of Peter bears the name of Joseph, protector of the universal Church. The providential designs of God are often revealed in such details."

Father then recommends the prayer to St. Joseph written by Pope Leo XIII and quotes it in full. (see link to article above.) It is he says "perhaps more suitable today that when it was written". We can, as is done in many places, add it at the end of our Rosaries, and for good measure, incorporate in into the Novena as well.

As I always say when begging people's prayers for Our Holy Father, if you offer those prayers, you not only support him personally, but you pray as he does, for all Our Lord's beloved priests.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

An Easter Gift for our Spiritual Sons?

This link will lead you to a substantial review of the recently published "The Grace of Ars" by Fr. F.L. Miller of Mount St. Mary's Seminary in Ennitsburg, Maryland. The book has a foreword by Archbishop Raymond Burke and there is a direct link to Amazon at the foot of the second page of the review. Best price $9.70; best price new $10.85.
"It is not too much to say that Pope Benedict's entire programme for the Year for Priests is contained in Fr Miller's outstanding book." Dr J. Mirus (review author at Catholic Culture)

And today's articles of interest:
1. Vatican Teaches Young Priests How to Hear Confession.
This week-long course which began yesterday, is being run by the Apostolic Penitentiary. Pope Benedict will address participants at the end of the week. Further description here.

2. Is Priestly Celibacy Psychologically Dangerous?
Interview with Psychiatrist and Professor. See here

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Four pieces of news to gladden our hearts ....

For Spain:
Father Jose Tous 1811-71 who died whilst celebrating Mass is to be beatified in Barcelona on October 25.

Carmen Elena Villa writes from Rome, "It is said that the life of Father Jose Tous was a continuous Mass. Perhaps that is why he was called to heaven precisely as he celebrated Mass, right after the consecration." Read her full article here

For Australia:
Vocation boom follows World Youth Day in Sydney
The archdiocese is seeing a record number of young men entering its seminary. Vocations to religious life have risen as well, following a pattern that has been observed in other archdioceses that have hosted the WYD events. For link to further details go here

For Peru
Making space for God in a Communications world - Priest-Blogger Tells His Experience of Evangelisation
Fr Tamayo admits that being on Facebook means he sometimes has to endure "rather irreverent jokes". But he said the most gratifying part of evengelisation through the media is hearing someone say they've been converted or found clarity reading his words. Fr recently gave an interview during which he reflected on Benedict XVI's message for this year's World Day of Social Communications, which focuses on priests' use of the media.
Here's the link to the full interview.

For the Holy Father and the Roman Curia
Father Cantalamessa: Why Christianity is like no other...
Explains what makes Grace hard to accept
Go here for a full report on Father's first Lenten sermon given yesterdayin the presence of Pope Benedict and the Curia. Further Sermons will follow March 12 and 26. March 19 is omitted because of the celebration of St. Joseph's feast.

On Sunday, that is tormorrow, kto will televise live coverage of the Holy Father's visit to the Roman Parish of St John of the Cross. 9am European time, (8am in the UK). Angelus at the usual time and repeat videos available on the channel later in the day.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

A Rural French Funeral

Please see my Oasis blog for a report on the funeral of Madame Marie-Antoinette Bonnet. R.I.P.

Pope Benedict and the Priesthood

ADDRESS TO ROMAN SEMINARIANS - "Prayer...Becomes a Process of Purification our Our Thoughts" Full text of the Holy Father's address delivered February 12 during his bisit to Rome's Major Seminary on the feast of Our Lady of Trust. See here

Part 1 "The Priest's Mission is to be a Mediator, a Bridge that Connects" See here
Part 2 "Being a Servant of the Eucharist is....a Depth of the Priestly Mystery" See here

Vatican Newspaper Underlines how Pope Benedict fulfils his Pastoral Role
Read this highly recommended critique here

Pope Benedict thanks Fr Enrico for Lenten Retreat on Renewal of Priesthood. See here

Monday, 1 March 2010

Saint Romain: Last Thursday Holy Mass; tomorrow a Funeral

Next post delayed until Wednesday evening. Please pray for the soul of Madame Bonnet, R.I.P.