Sunday, 23 August 2009

Spiritual Mothers report: USA and UK.

We have great hidden spiritual support in this state even though the Archdiocese of my contact has not been particularly co-operative. Nevertheless priests and all of us spiritual mothers are being powerfully prayed for there.

New Mexico:
My Nebraska contact let me know about the Handmaids of the Precious Blood, a contemplative community in Jemez Springs. Their 'primary dedication is to promote holiness in God's priests through (their) life of perpetual Eucharistic Adoration day and night.' They are not contactable by email but you can read more about them and find their exact address at The community welcomes Oblates.

'One Grateful Heart' wrote from this state to say how much she appreciates the blog and the Holy Father's initiative in designating this year for priests. She is praying for me and all of you, so for the moment she is our spiritual mother in Ohio.

Well we know about OK. When Fr Mark gets back from Ireland, I'm going to ask him if one of the spiritual mothers there will send in a report here. The 30 consecrated ladies in Tulsa seem to be the only ones on the Internet who are in that position. I think it would be very sad if they didn't share the experience with the rest of us, and in so doing help to spread the Tulsa example to other dioceses throughout the world..

A correspondent in Dallas reports that the area is supporting its priests, and also has a network for seminarians, particularly by adoption of a seminarian as a prayer partner and commiting to pray for all seminarians and the prayer partner in particlular. He gives me a link:
which I couldn't get to work and does not say whether he knows of anything specific going on in the Dallas area about spiritual motherhood. He didn't give me an email address which was sad. Nevertheless his contact is very much appreciated.

Washingto DC
A contact from here, writes that although she has not 'officially' become a spiritual mother, praying for priests is one of the most important things in her life. I really think the time is coming when I'll have to ask Cardinal Hummes, whether there is such a person as an 'official' spiritual mother. As things stand at present, there is no statement from the Holy See contra my belief that our friend in Washington DC is already a dedicated spiritual mother. (More on contacting His Eminence as soon as possible.) In the meantime God bless our representative in Washingon DC.

Archdiocese of Birmingham and Diocese of Portsmouth.
In both these dioceses we have friends who have promised to approach their bishop or parish priest about forming a group of spiritual mothers, and in two other dioceses I have contacts who are considering what they can do. All of these four ladies are supporting us in prayer.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who is supporting this blog both spiritually and practically.

God bless.

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