Friday, 21 August 2009

Fr Tim Finigan and Fr Ray Blake: Grateful thanks from the Spiritual Mothers of Priests blog

Fr Tim (The Hermeneutic of Continuity) and Fr Ray (Saint Mary Magdalen) both posted yesterday on their blogs about this Spiritual Mothers of Priests blog. Both made a characteristically generous and speedy response to my appeal for their help in making this one more widely known, particularly in the UK.

As far as I am concerned these two priests represent the twin pillars of the English orthodox Roman Catholic blogosphere. I'm sure that all my followers and readers would wish me to publish , not only our heartfelt thanks for their help, but also to send belated greetings for the Silver Jubilee of Ordination which both Fr Ray and Fr Tim celebrated earlier this year. As Fr Ray pointed out at the time, they are in good company, both Pope Benedict's secretaries having been ordained in that year too.

I intend to publish a more detailed tribute to 'The Twin Pillars' in a later post, but as you and they know, I'm currently working flat out for the Spiritual mothers blog. If you are not already a reader, please do visit both of their high quality blogs. (links in sidebar right) Both Fr Tim and Fr Ray follow to the letter, the wishes expressed by Pope Benedict in his 'Summorum Pontificum of 2007. In their parishes they celebrate both the Ordinary and the Extraordinary forms of the Mass. Their blogs are required daily reading both for their news and spiritual content. Both have a tremendous sense of humour which they do not omit to demonstrate where appropriate.
They are a grace and blessing on the English blogosphere, and on the Church in England in general.

Thank you again Fathers. Ad multos annos to you both.

God bless all here

In union of prayer


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