Thursday, 27 August 2009

A Happy St. Monica's day everyone: Feast day greetings and dedication of the blog

Our Lady, Queen and Mother is the perfect example of all motherhood and I place this Spiritual Mothers of Priests blog under her protection and patronage.

There are several saints whose intercession I seek for spiritual mothers. After Our Lady, St. Monica provides another wonderful role model for us and so on her feast day, I place her as second patron of this site.

The Novena to St Monica is to be found at many sites and I'll just give one link here.
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Prayer on the Feast of St Monica

Dear St Monica, we love you and we thank you as the exemplary mother of the great St. Augustine. Before his conversion you persevered through constant prayer and tears to win him for Our Lord. Intercede for all spiritual mothers of priests, that through their prayer, sacrifices and hours of Adoration of the Eucharistic Face of Jesus, they may assist in the sanctification of their spiritual sons; and may help toward the re-conversion and renewal of any who have gone astray. Intercede for the intentions of our Holy Father Pope Benedict, whose own formation was so greatly influenced by your son Augustine; for Cardinal Hummes; and for the expansion of the Spiritual Mothers of Priests movement throughout the world during this Year of the Priest. Amen

A holy and happy evening of the Feast to everyone here.


  1. Thank you for this beautiful prayer!

  2. Dear Jane,
    I chose St Monica as my Patroness for my confirmation even before I was called to
    Spiritual Motherhood (I am a convert). Surely the Holy Spirit was leading me in that choice! However, I chose St Therese, herself a spiritual mother of priests, for my Patroness in my vocation of Spiritual Motherhood. Together, Our Lady, St Monica and St Therese make a great support team! Thank you so much for this prayer...

  3. Thank you for your lovely prayer !

  4. I'm so pleased you all found benefit from the prayer. I wish I'd had time to compose one for St. Augustine. DV I hope to do a series of prayers to all the saints whose intercession I beg, often in silent prayer and not in words, for our Holy Father, for priests, bishops and for spiritual mothers. Sometimes words come and sometimes not. However, I made a preparatory list of them all earlier this week.

    Thank you and may Our Lord enrich and bless your spiritual motherhood of His beloved priests.