Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Spiritual Mothers of Priests: blog update and some decisions

Aside from the officially registered member followers in the sidebar, there are 19 others who have preferred the privacy of email to contact me with information, questions, offers of help, and above all promises of prayer for Pope Benedict and for all priests. 27 out of the total 37 have contributed the information on which this blog is being built and I want to congratulate and thank you all for what you have achieved here in such a short space of time. Please keep spreading the word about Spiritual Motherhood far and wide, and either via combox or email, keep the information coming to me. Do any of you know anyone in Asia or South America who may respond with interest?

This blog now represents spiritual mothers and their friends in Australia, Canada, France, Italy, Spain, UK (England and Scotland), South Africa, and in 14 States of the USA plus Washington DC.

All of you have promised me your prayers and I'm most in need of, and grateful for, the grace and strength they are to me.

On Monday, as I went about everything else, I pondered the fact that my own contribution to the blog has manifested three aspects and I came to the conclusion that I ought to devote specific days of the week to the different ones; that I should publish this intention here so that my readers know what sort of emphasis to expect from day to day.
Here's my initial plan. If it changes I'll let you know, and of course emergencies or other excitements may sometimes take precedence. But for now:

SUNDAYS, WEDNESDAYS AND FRIDAYS . Posts will try to offer help toward meditation and prayer for Spiritual Mothers, as in the two earlier posts about the Chaplet. (It's been worrying me that I've not done more about it. Now, DV, I'll be able to get back to it on the Eve of the Assumption of Our Blessed Mother.)

MONDAYS AND THURSDAYS. I'll be concentrating on answering your emails and any comments you've submitted. On these two days I won't post at all if it can be helped. I need the time for my 'hidden ones' and to recharge my own spiritual batteries.

TUESDAYS AND SATURDAYS. Posts on news and information as it has come in from around the world.

In union of prayer for all our priests.


  1. You forgot about Spain again ?

  2. Lalo,
    Thanks for the comment.
    No, I hadn't forgotten but the only person who originally emailed saying she is in Spain, has since let me know that she's going to Italy.
    However, if you're in Spain, please confirm and I'll be delighted to put it back on the list!.