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Spiritual Mothers Report Part 1 USA d) Louisiana and Massachusetts

LOUISIANA (The Pelican State)


I have lost the email address of the one response I had from NEW IBERIA, SOUTH LOUISIANA. You were the only one, so you will know who you are, if you're reading this. You said that there are many devout Catholics in your area, who like yourself would love to participate in the movement for the Spiritual Motherhood of Priests. I really do want to reply to you and answer any of your questions as yet unanswered in earlier posts on this blog. Thank you for your offer of help. Please do let me have your email address at


Some first thought from a friend in the Bay State from now on referred to as 'Therese'

1."I think that it (Spiritual Motherhood) should definitely be formal so many will join in, but for me, since I feel I live a bit of a hidden life, I feel the personal call shouldn't be excluded. I would definitely go to a group if we had one.

2. "Our diocese prays for its seminarians. We have a special vocations kit which comes in a lovely bag with a crucifix and prayer books, and photos of our local seminarians. Each family is encouraged to sign up and take the kit home and pray for one week. Our priest hands it out at the end of Mass, calling the family up to receive it and he gives his blessing. We are encouraged to send the seminarians cards during the holidays or simply notes of encouragement letting them know we are praying for them. As Father says, these men will be our children's and grandchildren's priests and they need all of our help. .......I think adding the call to be a spiritual mother even increases this effort in a greater and more powerful way. I do like the idea of having the seminarians photos so I can picture a face with the name and also of sending cards as I think it would be encouraging. I just don't know if a spiritual mother should follow, as maybe this is a more hidden calling .......I was wondering how others are handling that....."

Over to you dear readers! In the meantime, as soon as I can, I'll ask some of my priest friends how they feel about this. Please do the same. And report results by email or in combox.

In my own case, I am 'sent' priests by a priest friend, or through internet contact. I also have an aspirant seminarian. It has happened this way for me because of my isolation here in rural France. It has been an evolving process over the last year. Possibly, I may do a post about it later on, but I'm rather like 'Therese' and tend towards the hidden preference. I have 15 spiritual sons (including the aspirant seminarian) who, once I had privately offered myself to Our Lord as a possible spiritual mother of His beloved priests, began to arrive on my spiritual 'doorstep'. I did not have to go out looking for them! Only one of them knows me personally and also knows I regard him and pray for him as a 'spiritual son'. He also knows that I would never reveal his identity. About half the rest know me personally but are unaware that I am praying for them in this way, although perhaps two or three may suspect it. I would only ever reveal it to them, and their identity to nobody else. The other half may or may not know that they have a spiritual mother who is praying for them, and if they do, they know nothing else about her.

In a later email 'Therese' tells me she is going to approach her PP about forming a group in spite of her worry that he is already so busy. She also makes cogent remarks about the need for spiritual direction of spiritual mothers, and in my view is absolutely inspired when it comes to different groups or types of priest who need to be adopted by a spiritual mother. These two issues willl be considered in future posts.

In her latest email 'Therese' tells me she found a pamphlet in church. It is a Rosary for Priests and 'A Calling Card for Jesus'. She has sent me the whole thing via attachments but they have not all come through properly. From what I am able to read, I can see three things: 1. It is beautiful and every spiritual mother will want to use it. 2. Between us, 'Therese' and I must sort out the technology so you can all have it on here. (If anyone else has come across it, please contact me.) 3. Her PP knows what he's doing! God bless and strengthen him.

Next up: Prayer Requests; Our English friend in Lourdes; USA e) Michigan and New Jersey

God bless all here.


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