Saturday, 29 August 2009

Bishop of Scranton annouces resignation..

Thanks to contact from a spiritual mother in the diocese, I've just been alerted to this sad news at
Please can we all pray for the bishop tonight, and for the people of his diocese.
No time for more detail now. Will post again later. Please register that you will be praying for the bishop. I will collate and send him a spiritual bouquet from us. I will offer a decadeof my nightly Rosary for him, the third Glorious Mystery.

Our Lady of Perpetual Succour pray for Bishop Martino.


  1. Jane:
    Five decades and Vespers from me.
    God bless,
    Mark (Edinburgh)

  2. Jane,

    Compline tonight and Holy Mass and Communion tomorrow.

    Good night.

  3. Tororrow: Office of Readings for Sunday and Angelus with the Pope from Castel Gandolfo (on French bishops tv, i.e. kto tv); the same decade as tonight in the evening.

  4. Jane,
    I will offer my Holy Hour for priests this week for him as well as a rosary.

  5. mykeyboardisonthefritzbutItoowilladdarosarytonightandaholyhourofspiritualcommunionfromhomeGodbless!

  6. Hi Jane,

    I will pray the Way of the Cross tomorrow for Bishop Scranton.

    May I also request prayers for a young seminarian of our diocese (Ottawa, Canada),who will be ordained transitional deacon next week and God willing to the priesthood in May. God bless!