Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Spiritual Mothers of priests blog: printable prayer card

This is in preparation/negotiation, and will be published as soon as posssible. It was suggested to me by a dear friend in England's Arundel and Brighton diocese, who is doing her best to help me get it sorted! As we used to say in Yorkshire, England, 'Thanks, ducks!' Odd that the dialect expression is in the plural, when usually addressed to a single individual.


  1. Meanwhile, there is a printable leaflet, not specifically for Spiritual Mothers of Priests, but for priests generally:
    it is designed to be printable on both sides of a piece of A4 but does require some manual cutting to size.

  2. Thanks for this Clare. I'll take a look and put the link in a post asap.


  3. This is a very clever and practical idea. Prayer cards are so handy and yet a conducive aid to prayer. Count me in!