Monday, 24 August 2009

Spiritual Mothers general update: Different types of site for the SM movement; good news in Virginia; networking re: UK beginning to bear fruit

Thank you once again to all our faithful followers and friends, particularly those who are waiting for emails from me. I do so much appreciate your prayers and your patience. Your quiet and steady presence gives me hope and strength.

On my networking journey today I discovered two sites. The first is:
This is run by 'The Daughters of Mary' (not a religious order) but an internet creation. It is an excellent recource for Spiritual Mothers and I spent a fair amount of time exploring it this morning. As I did so, I began to wonder whether this blog and my own efforts are really necessary. Then I realised that there is a crucial difference between us. Theirs is an online thing you can sign up to and that is a brilliant opportunity, but it does not, as far as I could establish, mention or promote the need to get things going in as many parishes and dioceses as possible throughout the world. The latter goal is a major purpose of this blog. The Internet is wonderful but we do not live in it as we do in our parishes/dioceses. So I decided to keep going!

The second site I found was
This is the site of the Arlington diocese in Virginia. On their top bar menu your can find under 'Your Faith' the story of the movement for Spiritual Mothers in this diocese and how it is now organised. It was begun by a laywoman and currently they have several groups of 7 spiritual mothers there, under the spiritual direction of Fr Robert Lange. Their model is based on the Seven Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary. I will be contacting Father as soon as possible and will report any result.

Back in the UK, Birmingham Archdiocese is to the fore with yet another spiritual mother there, but in a different area from the others, having undertaken to research the situation in the archdiocese. And two blogs based in Scotland gave us a plug today. More about them as soon as possible.

Our friend in Nebraska emailed to say that hard copy materials had been mailed to me and that I should receive them within the next ten days.

If any of my personal friends are reading this, I promise to get back to you when I can. You are the 'salt of the earth' and precious to me.

I think this intense period of networking will probably last another three weeks. Please continue to pray that it will bear fruit for the universal expansion of Spiritual Motherhood and thus for the sanctification and protection of Our Lord's beloved priests. Also, where time allows please network among your own contacts.

When Father Mark gets back to Tulsa, DV in a few days time, I'm going to ask him to compose a prayer for spiritual mother to offer for each other and will ask Fr Lange to do the same.

Time for bed now.

God bless all priests and all here.


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  1. Jane,
    Thanks for the links in this post. Great idea to ask Fr. Mark for prayer for SM to pray for each other. Thanks again for all you do.
    God Bless!