Sunday, 30 August 2009

North American College Seminarians at today's Angelus with Pope Benedict.

The Holy Father looked delighted to see them. After he'd drawn attention to their presence, they sang to him, their faces upturned towards him in happiness, tinged with a little nervouseness I suspect! (God bless them all.) I thought our American spiritual mothers and readers would like to know this in case they haven't caught the usual broadcast on EWTN.

In many ways I prefer the Audiences and Angelus from Castel G. The Pope is much closer to the people, and he himself is less formal than at the Audience Hall or in St. Peter's Square. One of the things I love the most about it is the family feeling this creates; another is the way the camera lights on the faces, not only of seminarians, but also on those of priests and prelates at various stages of their priesthood. All look up at him either in awed admiration or sheer joy in seeing him. Rare is the expressionless face amongst them. It is wonderful to see them openly demonstrating their loyalty and love to him, and it never fails to bring tears of joy to my own eyes.

Prayers for Priests and Seminarians at the North American college at their website here A Litany for Vocations is included.

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