Saturday, 15 August 2009

Spiritual Mothers of Priests: "Emergencies and other Excitements"

Well, I said it, didn't I!?

On Thursday morning my computer crashed spectacularly. Hence my 'silence' here, and lack of email contact. After a complicated process of technological restoration, I thank God to be back online. I was given two whole days, well nearly, to recharge spiritual batteries. Lessons, lessons!

In a recent Meme on my other Oasis blog, I was asked to list 7 of my favourite things. My computer was in the list because without it I wouldn't be in touch with my blogging friends or with kto and EWTN. I tend to insert DV, when declaring intentions to do this or that, and will continue to do so. In future, if there's more than a couple of days absence of posting here, you can be sure it's a computer problem or that I have met with grave illness or death.

Back to 'normal' tomorrow, DV.

With my prayers for you all for a holy and happy Solemnity of the Assumption of Our Lady Mother and Queen.

God bless all here.


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