Saturday, 12 September 2009

Spiritual Bouquet sent to Bishop Martino, Emeritus of Scranton PA by the spiritual mothers represented on this blog; and the death of a priest

Before detailing the Spiritual Bouquet for Bishop Martino, I must draw your attention to Fr Rocheford (60) who threw himself off a Rhode Island bridge a couple of days ago. 'One Grateful Heart' has let me know this news. We all need to ask ourselves why and how one of Our Lord's ordained and beloved priests could have been driven to this. I know all Spititual Mothers will be praying for his soul now they know what happened.

Spiritual Bouquet for Bishop Martino sent Thursday last:

Holy Mass and Communion 2
Holy Hour and Spiritual Communion 2
Holy Hour 2
Holy Rosary 35 decades
Seven Sorrows Rosary 1
Angelus 2
Office of Readings 2
Vespers 1
Compline 1
Way of the Cross 1
Way of the Cross for priests and Divine Mercy Chaplet, daily since the Bouquet started and continuing
Prayer with the Pope as he visited the Blessed Sacrament and venerated the relic of St Bonaventure at Bagnoregio on Sunday last.