Friday, 11 September 2009

Father George Byers: "Papist Jackass"

There's a new link in the sidebar to Fr George's re-named blog. He was a Lourdes chaplain for two years until early this summer. Whilst he was there his blog was titled bloggingLourdes. Now he is working at the only Pontifical seminary in the Americas. A couple of days ago Father very kindly posted links to both my blogs and that of the Benedictines of Mary. I looked for this post just now but can't find it. Never mind. I hope plenty of people saw it!

Fr. George has two very good recent posts and I really recommend you visit them. At the time of writing his current post is "Is the Pope a Jackass too?............" It includes the homily preached by Archbishop Burke at a special Mass on the eve of Pope Benedict's inauguration .
Marvellous stuff. So is the previous post "Renaissance Priests: Spiritual Fathers for the New Evangelisation". To reach it click 'previous' to be found underneath the blank combox.

Thanks Father, with the assurance of our prayers,

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