Friday, 11 September 2009

Bishops and Priests in the news: I know you will pray for them all.

Some current and recent Zenit items (link in sidebar and then scroll to appropriate date):

Colombian Fr. Gustavo Velez Vasquez (79) whose disappearance was reported earlier has been found dead in dense forest. May he rest in peace. (10th September 09)

Italian Priest uncovers 100 Pedophile Networks.
Meter Association gathered evidence for US and Italy. (4th September 09)

Pope to Brazilians: Priotity is Vocations.
Says Post Vatican II generation needs authenticity. (8th September 09)

Carmelites Renew Promise to Pray for Priests
Haifa, Israel, (10th September, 2009)

Super-Priests and 21st Century Challenges (Pt I 3rd September & Pt 2 4th September)
Interview with Official from Apostolic Signature.

Cardinal: It's time to reach out to ex-priests.
(Cardinal Bertone) says Priest-Saints are supporting Pope's plans for renewal. (31st August 09)

Seal of Confession Goes on Trial
Oregon USA, Church and State Face Off in Court. (26th August 09)

Priest, Who are You?
Photo exhibition explores Vocation, (Mexico) (August 27 09)

Pope: Church needs a Few (?) Good Confessors.
Sends message to Italy's National Liturgical Week (August 25th 09).
An unusually bad headline for Zenit. Actually the Pope said that the Church "needs wise and holy spiritual teachers" who are able not only to hear confessions, but also to educate consciences. I don't think the word 'few' would have entered his head!!

More news items tomorrow and details of the Spiritual Bouquet I sent on our behalf to Bishop Martino, emeritus of Scranton diocese, PA.

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  1. Please add to your prayer list Fr. Dennis Rocheford, age 60, who jumped to his death from a bridge in Rhode Island, USA, on Thursday, 9/10/09.