Friday, 4 September 2009

Something to be treasured from Ireland

This snippet has not come direct from a spiritual mother of priests in Ireland but from our English Philothea, who drew my attention to a site called 'Intercession for Priests'. The link is now in the sidebar and you might miss it because there is another link with the same title. When you link to Philothea's discovery you will see that it is Vincentian in origin and there's a picture of Fr Scallon, the founder, with a religious sister in brown habit. The site is run by a group that has existed since 1976 as a response to the effect on the priesthood of some of the wilder modernism since Vatican II. There is also a CD of a Rosary for Priests, which is produced by Dana (formerly an Irish mainstream popular singer) and Fr Scallon. The CD can only be ordered from Ireland or the USA. Philothea heard a little of it on line: Her comment: 'The musical content might be a little syrupy for some tastes but the priest's voice sounded 'anointed' and this might be nice for the car."

Philothea ordered a copy and we agreed that often this sort of thing depends on one's mood, and on the setting or occasion, rather than on one's usual musical preferences.

On August 27, P. received the CD. Here are her comments after she and her daughter had listened to some of it in the car on the way to the supermarket:

"One thing which Fr Scallon said which struck me forcibly is that Christ's death on the Cross was the ultimate act of His High Priesthood. ... The identity of the "'priest and victim isn't new...... in terms of what every priest must do - sacrifice everything.......this of course is what spiritual motherhood intercedes for, and offers itself for.....I haven't heard it all but it seems to take the form of a 5 decade rosary with different meditations on the priesthood at the beginning of each decade............ The CD is restful and does induce a spirit of calm and peace........"

Go look at the site, it's a good one, whether you like the CD or not. It has been working quietly for the Church and Our Lord's beloved priests all these years and deserves to be more widely known.

Dear Spititual Mothers throughout the world, I know you will pray for the embattled, innocent and holy priests of Ireland, and for their ordained brothers who have gone astray.

St. Patrick and all Saints of Ireland pray for us.

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