Friday, 18 September 2009

Philip Gerard Johnson, (for the Diocese of Raleigh NC) at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary, PA

It's probable that most of my readers have been praying for Philip for a long time, but in case there are some who don't know about him, I felt it essential to post about his situation and vocation. Philip has an inoperable brain tumour and is now in the early stages of seminary training. In the recent past he has spent at least two stints in Lourdes helping to care for the sick. Please go to his blog 'In Caritate Non Ficta' (link in sidebar) if you do not already read him. His blog has wonnderful photos of the Seminary and of the Seminarians. Also of Cardinal Rigali's recent visit on August 31st. Philip reported on the visit Septembe 6th and quotes the Cardinal's stirring declaration of St. Jean Marie Vianney as secondary Patron of the Seminary.

There is however, an earlier story, and to save your having to search for it, I'll briefly tell it here. Some months ago a priest friend of Philip's contacted Rome about him. Within hours the Father had a telephone call from Mgr Georg Ganswein, assuring him that from then on Philip would be in the daily prayers of Pope Benedict. Spiritual Mothers throughout the world join in our Holy Father's intention for Philip and for all seminarians and priests who are suffering life threatening illness..

N.B. The original title of this post indicated that Raleigh diocese is in PA. Emailing me to say thanks for the post, Philip pointed out that Raleigh is in North Carolina. Raleigh doesn't have its own seminary so its seminarians attend St. Charles Borromeo.

Thanks Philip and God bless!

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