Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Some changes made to the blog with help from Scotland; Regional round-up: Part 1: England

Well, you can see the changes. They are temporary and being worked on by Mark, the newly agreed design administrator of this blog. But the improvement is already vast. Mark, I can't thank you enough. See his profile under Contributors in the sidebar. He is a Scot and lives in Edinburgh.

Explanatory note as to my own location and nationality:

Several of you have asked whether I'm American, and others have assumed that I'm based in the United States. This is probably because the major response to this blog came from the USA, and it has until now claimed the most attention here. Furthermore, the news from Scranton has recently taken essential priority. However, I hope this post will restore some balance to the picture by giving details of developments in the UK and Ireland. (Reports on Spain, Italy and Australia will follow, before catching up with our American dioceses.)

I'm actually English and for the last three years have lived permanently in rural France. (More about efforts for Spiritual Motherhood in France further down the line.) That said, I have a strong UK network on which to call and I'm still working through that behind the scenes.

As a result, I can report that we now have a hidden contact for the blog in PORTSMOUTH diocese (UK); like our contacts in the ARCHDIOCESE OF BIRMINGHAM, she is investigating the 'lie of the land'. Another of our hidden spiritual mothers in BIRNINGHAM is meeting her PP tomorrow evening. She is praying for the Holy Spirit to be with them and I'm sure you will all support her in that. I have also had a first contact from the ARCHDIOCESE OF WESTMINSTER, so things are looking up. 'Great oaks from little acorns ................!'

And in ARUNDEL AND BRIGHTON a very dear friend is backing the blog to the hilt with prayer and practical help. Under the pseudonym 'Philothea' she has agreed to become a contributor to this SMP blog and I'm absolutely delighted and thankful to Our Lord that we welcome her in that capacity. Already she has written an article on Spiritual Motherhood, and we hope to publish it within the next week. More news of this soon.

Also in ARUNDEL AND BRIGHTON news has come in from one of the parishes there about their prayer group, and Holy Hour. Strangely the latter has happened since the parish was amalgamated with two others under one priest, but there is no daily Mass in any of the three combined parishes. Please pray for the priest and his parishioners for a way to be found to restore daily Mass.

More tomorrrow.

In union of prayer,



  1. Jane,
    The blog looks great! Thanks to you and Mark for all your hard work~ will remember you both during my holy hour tomorrow evening.
    God Bless!

  2. Thanks Karinann,

    It's all Mark really! I just suggested what I'd li at one end of the phone, and he did it at the other end! Still adjustments and additions to come, but glad you like it so far.

  3. Great new look Jane to the blog, I like :)
    Love and prayers!