Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Birmingham Archdiocese UK, St. John Fisher Parish: A new group of Spiritual Mothers is formed..

Some months ago I dedicated posts on my other 'Oasis' blog to my three 'spiritual sisters' in the Birmingham Archdiocese. Only one of them has a computer, but through the one who has, all three are kept up to date with what I'm up to! They have welcomed this 'Spiritual Mothers of Priests' blog. Here is the story of what my 'sister' with the computer has achieved.

As soon as she returned from holiday she made an appointment to see her parish priest, Fr George Grynowski. At the subsequent meeting on September 3, she discovered that while Father knew about the initiative for Spiritual Motherhood, he was not aware of any particular activity. They discussed some of the ways it was being handled in other places. The upshot was that Father suggested a Holy Hour every Saturday morning for the duration of the Year of the Priest, at which those who gathered would pray for all priests, but particularly those of the Birmingham Archdiocese. Saturday 19th September was set for the first meeting and my 'sister' went home 'elevated by Father's positive response' and had 'a real sense of his support and enthusiasm'. During the days that followed she printed off some leaflets telling women in the parish about the initiative and inviting them to come along to the first meeting. These she handed out at Mass and was encouraged by positive interest that was shown. She also read Clare's article and expressed her appreciation of it.

At this point my sister and I agreed at how blessed they are in having a Priest who sees the connection between Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and Spiritual Motherhood of Priests.

On September 19 eleven other women besides my sister attended the Holy Hour. During Adoration they prayed The Chaplet and meditated on the readings from St. Luke's Gospel. They then prayed together for the Birmingham 'Priest of the Day'*. This was followed by silent adoration. And the hour concluded with Father giving Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. Afterwads several of the women went to St. Chad's Cathedral where they were able to implore the help of St. Therese for their priests, whilst venerating her relics which were visiting the Cathedral that day. My sister had told Fr. George that the Spiritual Motherhood initiative is dedicated to Our Lady and to St. Therese, and she feels sure that he was inspired to choose that day for the inaugural meeting of 'St. John Fisher's' spiritual mothers of priests.

Writing to me afterwards she descibed the event as 'truly spiritual'. 'They were all there because they truly wished to embrace the idea of becoming a spititual mother for our priests.....I feel so blessed.' Naturally we have been rejoicing together ever since!

*'Priest for the Day'

This is something that Archbishop Nichols had set up before he left Birmingham for Westminster in May. He had decreed that every day throughout the year of the Priest, a particular Birmingham priest should be prayed for. He made the list available with dates, I think on the Diocesan Website. In any case there was no difficulty in matching the date with the name at the first meeting at St. John Fisher Parish.

Thank you Archbishop Nichols, Father George, and of course all my dear sisters in Christ, and in Spiritual Motherhood of His beloved priests and seminarians. May He keep us all in the love of His Sacred Heart and may Our Lady keep us safe under her protection.

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