Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Priests and Bishops in my prayers

Augustian Bishop Nicholas Shi Jin Xian died in China at the age of 88 September 16. He began his mission before Communism Zenit

Italian missionary priest Fr Ruggero Ruvoletto shot dead in Brazil September 19
Catholic Culture

Fr Thomas Rosica (Salt and Light Television) and Fr Thomas Euteneuer (LifeSite News) who have been at public loggerheads about reaction to the recent funeral of Senator Edward Kennedy

Fr Shekelton: They hold off Death for the Sacraments
English Priest ministers to Amazon villages here

Italian Bishops Pursue 'Cultural Project' Despite Internal Divisions
This link will lead you to an article by the excellent Sandro Magister 'Make or Break. The Italian Bishops at the Final Tally' (Click English in left sidebar language menu)

Bishop Gilmore of Dodge City begins alcohol treatment in Minnesota Georgia Bulletin

41 Italian priests who signed a public statement endorsing the removal of food and water from comatose patients. On September 10 the CDF called for disciplinary action against them. (Sorry the link won't work but the item was on Catholic Culture September 10.

This is just a small selection. Hope to share more with you tomorrow.

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