Friday, 1 January 2010

"Tu es Petrus", a New Year Video with music by Maestro Bartolucci

Mgr. Maestro B was 'put out to grass' after Vatican II but is still alive, in his nineties I think, and is enjoying something of a comeback, probably thanks to 'you know who'.

The video has lots of texts from documents of several Popes including Benedict XVI. At least two of these I spotted mentioned the Year of the Priest and/or were addressed to priests. These texts are all in Italian but the pictures tell the story - I think it's called 'The Hermeneutic of Continuity'! The 'Tu es Petrus' is superb to my ear. (Normally I'm a Chant/Renaissance Polyphony girl.) But the Maestro's setting is a majestic, substantial treatment of the text and suits this video tribute, not only to Pope Benedict and the preoccupations of his pontificate, but to the Papacy itself. Hope you enjoy it.

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