Sunday, 10 January 2010

The 'Holy Face' of Manoppello

Over the days of Epiphanytide just past, I've spent a great deal of time in reflection and thanksgiving for the gifts I have told you about in previous posts. The effect of this, combined with that of an article in the current issue of 'Inside the Vatican', and two items of important personal correspondence, has been my spending this afternoon searching the web for information about the 'Holy Face' of Manoppello, rather than posting here. I'm sure that I am far behind many of my readers in what I discovered and that they will not take long to connect adoration of the Holy Face with the Priesthood. After all, we have Father Mark Kirby who is called to this specific priestly function, and although I agree with Father Z that our Holy Father is 'The Pope of Christian Unity', in my heart I think of him as 'Benedict the Adorer of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament'.

During the coming week I hope to report on my research into the Manoppello Sanctuary and Pope Benedicts' private pilgrimage there in 2006. I have to say that the current 'Inside the Vatican' article would seem to present new insights and discoveries about the 'Face' on the so-called (until recently) 'Veronica Veil'.

In the meantime I've put a link to the official Manoppello site towards the top of the sidebar here and will add more links later..

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