Sunday, 24 January 2010

Spiritual Mothers and Friends: Please join me in prayer for the English/Welsh ad limina

Tomorrow, the English and Welsh bishops begin their ad limina visit to the Pope. It is long overdue because of the change of Pope five years ago. That is not the only reason why I beg your assistance in prayer. I address my remarks to those of you to whom our Islands are distant and not at all well known. You see, England and Wales are so small in comparison with the USA, that the Conference numbers only 21 bishops, not counting auxiliaries. In the American, and even French Conferences, there is room for healthy and influential support of Pope Benedict's 'reform of the reform'. This is not the case in England and Wales where the Conference is largely of a 'liberal cast'. Some would go so far as to say that they have a stranglehold. It is not healthy, however strongly or weakly, you state the case, or indeed, whatever your own views about Pope Benedict's pontificate, and I say this whilst knowing that most of my readers are fully aware that I an unswervingly loyal to him.

This blog is not the place to go more deeply into our situation. If I post on these matters in any detail, my musings will be found on my Oasis blog. And even there, I tend to put prayer first, as you will see from my current post - "The Eve of the English Welsh Ad limina: Prayer before Punditry" l beg you to go there and join me in praying the special Litany that I've composed for the Holy Father, our bishops and the flock in England and Wales. (Link in sidebar here to 'Thoughts from an Oasis....")

Thank you for your time spent in reading this. God bless all here.

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