Sunday, 31 January 2010

Pray4apriest Cards update

Have just received some good news from my Birmingham sister at St John Fisher

She has updated me as to the activities in one of the local Catholic primary schools. Apparently all the teachers have been asked to choose a priest to whom their class will send cards, promising him that they are praying for him. It's been suggested that they show the children a picture of the priest and talk to them about his life and the work he does in his parish. One teacher has already produced her own cards for the younger children to colour in and another will suggest to the older children that they write their own message inside the card.

I pray that these ideas will spread throughout the Catholic Primary schools of the United Kingdom and beyond, and I thank my 'sister' for approaching this school in Birmingham.

Meanwhile in Rome today after the Angelus the young spokesperson for about 5,000 youngsters present in the square below, told the Holy Father, "Papa, we love you."

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