Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Fr. Gordon Macrae: "First Things" article; Mass and Holy Hour reminder

Most of you will have spotted these items already. If not, you can link to Fr. Gordon's article in the bloglist here. It is a beautiful and moving tribute to both Cardinal Avery Dulles and Fr. John Neuhaus (R.I.P.) and is highly recommended reading, as is the whole of Father's blog. By posting this I get another mention of him on the Google pages, so it's worth doing anyway.

You should reach the Holy Hour/Mass reminder Fr. celebrates Mass in his cell every Sunday night at around 11pm. For the Europeans among us this is very early in the morning of Monday. (Better for those in Australasia for whom it is during the daytime Sunday!) Like many others, I pray for Fr Gordon everyday and this is a wonderful way of uniting with him, and supporting him as he offers Mass. I often wake during the night and pray specifically for priests, and if it happens on Sunday over Monday, I dedicate the time to Father Gordon.

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