Monday, 4 January 2010

Spiritual Mothers and Friends: Something important for your consideration and prayers....

At least it has become increasingly important to me, and I think it may be to you too.


My husband and I pray this Litany every night after the Holy Rosary and we conclude with the singing of the 'Sub tuum praesidium' . Ever since Pope Benedict announced the Year of the Priest, during the Litany, I have felt something is missing from it. That may seem an arrogant and terrible thing to say. But every night it comes to me that there should be a plea for the intercession of Mary as the Mother and Queen of Clergy. Some nights I have even privately and silently inserted it and then wondered if I'm allowed to do such a thing. But the desire to have such a petition made official has become so strong, that I believe it should be instituted and be enshrined there forever. I cannot remember when I first thought I may have the temerity to write to the Holy Father about this, but the impulse has been there for a long time. As yet, I have not written to him, but the impulse grows daily, particularly I think because of everything that assualts the priesthood worldwide and daily and which I read about on various sites, not to mention how these things are affecting my own dear friends and 'sons' in the priesthood.

I have at last determined to write that letter. I want to ask the Holy Father to insert this petition into the Litany at the end of the Year for Priests, if not before. I will do it anyway, but would be so glad if you would let me know that in this request, I have the backing of all Spititual Mothers who are known to me. I will do it within the coming week. In the meantime the combox is open. PLEASE USE IT.

All the above being said, I wouldn't be at all surprised to find that the Holy Father has already decided to do this.

God bless you all.


  1. "All the above being said, I wouldn't be at all surprised to find that the Holy Father has already decided to do this." - And, if he reads your blog...
    Jane, do it!

  2. timh:

    Yes, I will.

    The text of the letter will be published here once it has been sent to the Holy Father.

  3. Maybe before that, depending on rssponse, but it will go anyway.

  4. Jane,
    You have my backing and my prayers! I will add this intention during my holy hour for priests.
    God Bless!

  5. Dear Jane,

    You have my support too! I have been saying "Mother of priests, Queen of clergy, pray for us" at the end of the Rosary for many years, though never thought of adding it to a Litany. May you have a blessed and holy year!

  6. "but the impulse grows daily"

    Sorry to come in so 'late'. I know that feeling all too well. You have my backing on this Jane.

  7. It's not too late Fiona! I'll be posting a renewed plea before the end of the week. The statcount has been high so I live in hope that there'll be a heavier combox when people aren't so busy. Meanwhile I am having an amazing Epiphany and was just about to begin posting about it when your comment came through as yet another 'gift' on this holy Feast. Thank you and to timh, Karinann and cloisteredheart.