Thursday, 28 January 2010

Fr Gordon Macrae: His latest post left the deepest impression yesterday

It was a hectic day, and it's being followed by another one, but Father Macrae is one of two priests uppermost in my prayers and mind, as I'm sure he is in yours. In his latest post on 'These Stone Walls', he tells about the complicated business that has to be gone through for his blog to be published, and about all the restrictions he suffers in the prison, most of which seem deliberately designed to suffocate his soul. The fact that Father writes in such a matter-of-fact way about all this, makes the account even more heart-rending.

During the afternoons I make my spiritual Adoration and Communion. I'll be going to Father's 'virtual chapel' for about an hour very shortly now. This virtual chapel is a wonderful idea, especially for people who are unable to get to church as often as they would like. Thank you Father and Suzanne in Australia who works so hard for TSW to reach us all.

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