Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Spiritual Mothers' Thanksgiving Novena Day 8: Deo gratias! In our small way, helping Pope Benedict mend the 'torn net'.

Opening Prayer ending, " We thank You that your Providence has arranged for the following things to happen:

"Praying for Priests" by Monsignor Peter Dunne and Viki Herout of Omaha Archdiocese:

Some time ago my friend in Nebraska alerted me to the book's existence and I put up a post drawing attention to it. Last Sunday I emailed, as follows, to tell him what had happened since then: "As a result, our contact in Scranton ordered it for herself. She emailed me about how friendly the suppliers were.. For us here in Europe there was a difficulty with dollar payment and so I searched the Net and found another outlet which allowed me to send for copies and pay by credit card for the postage. I ordered three, one for myself and one each for two of my spiritual sisters in Birmingham UK. So the book has found its way through your little note to me to the Philadelphia diocese and to two others in Europe. (Actually it's a total of four dioceses because Clare saw the post and she and Bernadette ordered copies for their parish prayer group.) I've no doubt that other readers and followers have ordered it as well, and really, all thanks to you. It sort of went from you to me, and then back to the US (via the UK) through the blog, making the round trip for me to be able to tell you this."

My 'sister' in Scranton and I agreed that if we open it up, the Holy Spirit quite clearly breathing through the Internet and uses all of us to spread the word, and indeed, the Word. He uses us to help counteract all the vileness and evil that exists on the Net. And we are so happy, grateful and privileged that He does. Each of us plays a little part, but when it all adds up, it is an important, significant part. That's why we all keep blogging and networking. One can't avoid recognising the pun here when one thinks of the Gospel references to 'casting the net' , and all that they signify. Our Holy Father used this pun himself quite recently when he spoke of the Vatican (in its use of the www) having cast a net. (The image of the net is dear to him. He used it in his inaugural homily, although then he spoke of the 'torn net'. Looking back, ever since that day, he has done everything in his power to mend that 'torn net'. Oh, how we are blessed in him. If it be the Lord's will, may he be with us on earth for many years yet, mending and mending until the last breath leaves his body, and when he is finally taken from us, if mending is still needed, may he continue to do it in Heaven..)

The day after I emailed him, our Nebraskan friend replied and told me that he had been speaking to the manager of 'Gloria Deo', who has said that this blog initiated many people contacting the store for the book, the response for which has been better than expected.

In the Foreword to Mgr's book the Archbishop of Omaha writes "It is my hope that this booklet of prayers be distributed in strategic locations throughout the archdiocese and beyond so that the words of Cardinal Hummes may be realised. 'This movement will offer better service to Christ and his brothers...standing in Christ's stead and representing him as head, shepherd and spouse of the Church'. "

News from, Wisconsin:

Anne and Marge from Milwaukee let me know the following news .

They are waiting word from their Temporary Administrating Bishop about starting a Spiritual Motherhood Apostolate in Milwaukee, but Anne says, 'I've had so much wonderful support here that I know it won't be long before all 800 bishops, priests, seminarians and religious brothers here will have a spiritual mother to pray for them."

O dear Lord Jesus we thank You for giving us Pope Benedict; we thank you for all the things he strives daily to help us see and understand; we thank you that he insists always on the most important thing, that is that we love you with every fibre of our being; we thank you for the cardinals, bishops, priests, seminarians, religious and laity who support him in the struggle, for we know it is a struggle against the Evil One; we thank you that through Pope Benedict and Cardinal Hummes that you have called us to spiritual motherhood of your beloved priests and given us a part to play, making each one of us know which little section of the 'torn net' is our responsibility; we thank you for making it clear, that in spite of the hugeness of the task, everyday, there are fewer holes to darn; and we thank you for the graces you continually send that enable us to continue steadfastly in your service.

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy upon us. (3 times)
O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.(3 times)

All holy Popes in Heaven pray for our Holy Father Benedict.
All holy Priests in Heaven, pray for our priests and seminarians.
All those yet in Purgatory, pray for us, as we pray for you.

St. Therese of Lisieux, pray for Our Lord's beloved priests and for us their spiritual mothers.

Final prayer to the Holy Sporit, "Come O Homy Spirit............"
Deo gratias!

(Note: apologies for yesterday's incomplete post. There was nothing I could do about it. Will finish it at the weekend, so the Novena will be intact.)

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