Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Fr Z publishes a timely reminder: Please pray for Priests in Purgatory

Fr Zuhlsdorf, he of WDTPRS fame, made me realise with a sudden shock that 'All Saints' and 'All Souls' are almost upon us. (It is hard to believe because the current weather is amazing in this part of France, with sun and afternoon temperatures up to 25.) I'm sure none of you needs the reminder but thought I'd publish it in any case. Thank you Fr Z.

On Thursday November 5 at 11.30am European time, the Holy Father will offer Mass for all the Cardinals and Bishops who have died during the past year. So far as I can see it won't be televised, which is a shame because the higher the office a man holds, the greater responsibility he has, and potentially the greater temptation of many kinds. If during his earthly life, he has given in to any of these, his accountability before God will be the greater also. On November 5 therefore, please unite your prayers for them all with those of the Holy Father.

May I also ask prayers for fallen priests, particularly those who may be personally known to us, and for those of us who have been called to be their spiritual mothers.

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    We are praying for you.
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    God bless you.