Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Spiritual Mothers' Thanksgiving Novena Day 7: An historic day...

Opening Prayer ending, "We thank you Lord, that your Providence has arranged for the following to happen."

Our Holy Father Benedict made it possible on this 20th day of October 2009, for up to half a million Traditional Anglicans worldwide, to fully reuinte with the one holy Catholic and apostolic Church.

I had thought that this would happen, but not quite in this way, and not quite so soon. This 7th day of the Novena was planned to be in thanksgiving for events which connect our blog community in Philadelphia, Nebraska, Wisconsin and this little French village. I have offered those prayers privately and will make them public tomorrow.

But for tonight there is one thing that causes my soul to sing out her joy. After five hundred years, the most amazing number of traditional Anglicans, will be able as the result of the wisdom and mercy of our present Pope, (put into his heart by the Holy Spirit, I have no doubt) be able to return to full communion with the Church. Yes, he seems to have taken them all by surprise. And there are already signs that some men of the Church are upset that he apparently gave them such short notice of his intentions. He gave good notice of his intentions in 'Summorum Pontificum' and we all know how many of the same men of the Church have ignored what he said there. We now move into the new era which began today. It will be difficult; it will be complex, but it will be productive.

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