Saturday, 10 July 2010

Signing off for a while, but Father Mark gives plenty to pray about

I've decided to stop blogging at least until I get the results of yesterday's quadruple blood tests. The vertigo already mentioned, continues in spite of new medication and consequently I'm finding day to day chores difficult enough.

However, having read Father Mark's post today, about Priests who have come to hate their own Priesthood, (see Vultus Christi) I have more than enough to occupy me.

Tomorrow is St. Benedict's day. Have a happy and holy feast everyone. May St. Benedict intercede for all his sons and daughters, particularly for our dear Holy Father who bears his name, and for that dear Benedictine in Tulsa.

Will post again as soon as it seems right.

In Christo pro Papa


  1. Mac, dear friend - thanks and God bless.

  2. My very dear Jane, Blessed feast of Holy Father Benedict! With fervent prayers for your recovery!
    Father Mark