Saturday, 13 March 2010

Spiritual Mothers and Friends

A joyful 'Laetare' Sunday, and Mothering Sunday to you and all your 'sons' in Holy Orders.

Please pray for me, and for Colin, the dear husband who has to put up with me...............

With my prayers always,


  1. Thank you - there's a message for all mothers - birth, adopted, spiritual - on my blog too. Please listen to the most moving rendition of "What is life to me without thee?" by Kathleen Ferrier.

    God bless your work, Jane

  2. epsilon: Thank you! I did listen. It's one of my favourites too, but it was a bit risky as it always reduces me to a blubbering wreck! Quite aside from anything else I'm half Lancashire, half Yorkshire and was raised on Ferrier, the Halle Orchestra and John Barbirolli! Oh well a bit of catharsis never did me any harm!

    God bless you too.