Saturday, 6 March 2010

Four pieces of news to gladden our hearts ....

For Spain:
Father Jose Tous 1811-71 who died whilst celebrating Mass is to be beatified in Barcelona on October 25.

Carmen Elena Villa writes from Rome, "It is said that the life of Father Jose Tous was a continuous Mass. Perhaps that is why he was called to heaven precisely as he celebrated Mass, right after the consecration." Read her full article here

For Australia:
Vocation boom follows World Youth Day in Sydney
The archdiocese is seeing a record number of young men entering its seminary. Vocations to religious life have risen as well, following a pattern that has been observed in other archdioceses that have hosted the WYD events. For link to further details go here

For Peru
Making space for God in a Communications world - Priest-Blogger Tells His Experience of Evangelisation
Fr Tamayo admits that being on Facebook means he sometimes has to endure "rather irreverent jokes". But he said the most gratifying part of evengelisation through the media is hearing someone say they've been converted or found clarity reading his words. Fr recently gave an interview during which he reflected on Benedict XVI's message for this year's World Day of Social Communications, which focuses on priests' use of the media.
Here's the link to the full interview.

For the Holy Father and the Roman Curia
Father Cantalamessa: Why Christianity is like no other...
Explains what makes Grace hard to accept
Go here for a full report on Father's first Lenten sermon given yesterdayin the presence of Pope Benedict and the Curia. Further Sermons will follow March 12 and 26. March 19 is omitted because of the celebration of St. Joseph's feast.

On Sunday, that is tormorrow, kto will televise live coverage of the Holy Father's visit to the Roman Parish of St John of the Cross. 9am European time, (8am in the UK). Angelus at the usual time and repeat videos available on the channel later in the day.

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