Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Pope Benedict XVI: Two recent addresses on aspects of priesthood; Fr. Cantalamessa's 2nd Lenten Homily

1. Confession a Central Pasoral Concern. Vatican City March 11 2010

"It is necessary to turn to the Confessional."

Go here for a translation of the address Pope Benedict delivered upon receiving in audience participants of the course promoted by the Apostolic Penitentiary.

2a) Address to Priesthood Congress organised by the Congregation for Clergy. Vatican City March 12 2010

"There is a great need for priests that speak of God."

Link to translation here.

2b) On the above "Hermeneutic of Priestly Continuity" Fr Mark writes on Vultus Christi:

"I was inspired to offer a little commentary on the brilliant address that the Holy Father gave this morning to the International Theological Conference 'Fidelity of Christ; Fidelity of the Priest' organised by the Congregation for Clergy."

Thank you as always Father, for breaking the address into helpfully headed sections and then giving your comment on each one.

Go to Vultus Christi to read in full.

3. Fr. Cantalamessa's 2nd Lenten Homily given Friday March 12 in the presence of the Holy Father.

"Christ Offered Himself to God"

To read English Translation go here

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