Sunday, 1 November 2009

Priests in Purgatory: Pray for them during All Souls' Tide

Solemnity of All Saints:
In his mini-homily before today's Angelus our Holy Father said that in this Year of the Priest he was thinking particularly about Priest Saints. This fixed an idea that had been forming in my mind for some days. During that time because of various news stories and personal prayer requests, praying for fallen priests who are still living has been a priority. As All Souls approached my thoughts turned (and jogged by Fr Z), to Priests in Purgatory. So tomorrow I will begin eight days of prayer for them, invoking the intercession of my favourite Priest Saints:

Litany to Priest Saints

O holy Priest Saints before the throne of God, I offer my humble and loving prayer to the Most Holy Trinity, that it may be acceptable to be joined with yours for the souls of your Priest brothers still in Purgatory.
Particularly I invoke:

St Hilary of Poitiers,
St Martin of Tours
St Francis de Sales
St John Bosco
St John Baptist de la Salle
St Anselm
St Bede
St Gregory the Great
St Philip Neri
St Boniface
St Anthony of Padua
St John Fisher
St Bonaventure
St Peter Julian Eymard
St Alphonsus
St John Vianney
St John Eudes
St Claude Colombieres
St Augustine of Hippo
St Vincent de Paul
St Bruno
St Leo the Great
St Ambrose
St John of the Cross
St Pio

1 Hail Mary
1 Our Father
1 Glory be.


As I said, these are my favourites but I'm sure the 'Mothers' and their friends will have others to add.

A happy and prayerful All Souls Day to everyone.
May God bless and strengthen our Holy Father Benedict.

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