Thursday, 5 November 2009

In a Spiritual Mother's prayers tonight: Ten for Joy....

Ten for joy and thanksgiving:

1. Our Holy Faith

2. Holy Mother Church

3. Holy Mass and the seven Sacraments

4. Our wise Shepherd, the Holy Father Benedict who instituted this Year of the Priest, and also the bishops and priests who are loyal to him, and without whom 1. 2. and 3. would cease to exist.

5. The Communion of Saints, including Fr. Damien, the holy leper of Hawaii, whose relics are now touring the Islands and which will find their final resting place in Honolulu Cathedral.

6. The spiritual friendships which the Lord gives us, so that in our weakness, under His guidance we help to make each other holy and offer constant prayer and sacrifice for the sanctification of His beloved priests.

7. Spiritual Motherhood of Priests: Here we particularly honour and give thanks for Cardinal Hummes and for Bishop Slattery of Tulsa, Father Mark Kirby and all holy priests the world over who are responding to the Cardinal's call.

8. 20 Traditional Anglican Catholic parishes in the UK respond to the Holy Father's 'lifeline'.

9. The Internet and modern communications which, if we use them wisely as our Holy Father suggests, can be a force for good and holiness.

10. And a little private one: I'll soon be able to have a weekly Holy Hour in the Church of St. Jacques, 2 kms. from here.

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