Wednesday, 4 November 2009

In a Spiritual Mother's prayers tonight: Five for Sorrow...........

1. Fr. Michael Sinnott, kidnap victim in the Philippines, and the persecuted Church in China, Vietnam for instance.

2. Priests in prison or on trial, guilty or not guilty, throughout the world, particularly in America..

3. Archbishop Dolan, whose article was refused this week by the New York Times. (He blogged it anyway. Away you go Your Grace. Thanks be to God for you.)

4. Dissenters within the Church: e.g. Fr. Hans Kung, who unfortunately can be relied upon to publish the most anti-Catholic, anti-papal statements and yet somehow remain within the Church.

5. Fr. Michael Clifton (alias Fr. Mildew) who is going to close his very popular UK blog because he feels he has been 'too angry'. Please Father, don't do it.

There's more of course, but that's enough for one night in all conscience.

Tomorrow, 'Five for joy...................'

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  1. Great post! I join you in prayer, I especially love the one about Archbishop Dolan, he is the greatest!

    Looking forward to five for joy!