Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Thanks to Father Mark Kirby on 'Vultus Christi'

I'm just off to thank Fr Mark on 'Vultus Christi'.' Since he posted about this blog not only have there been three comments but Followers have increased from two to 9 overnight. Three for certain found me through him. I'll be back later today. In the meantime I'd be most grateful if all commenters and followers would let me know what country they are in, if in the US the state would help as well. I'm trying get a global picture of spiritual motherhood. I want us to be able to say that are represented in these countries. From what he says, I think Fr. Mark would like that too. If you would prefer to give the information privately by email, please contact me at probenoit16@live.com

Until later welcome to you all

In union of prayer for our Holy Father and for all priests,



  1. Hello Jane,

    My name is Marjolaine from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I too am a spiritual mother for priests, confirmed by my spiritual director. Praise God for such a tremendous grace! God bless!


  2. Marjolaine: Welcome!

    I'd just noticed you come up 10th in the Followers list and thought what a beautiful and apt pseudonym! Then I found your comment. I've been busy networking since this morning and am beginning to get a picture, not only of where we all are, but of the different types of commitment to spiritual motherhood, and to my mind they are all acceptable to Our Lord for His priests. The third thing that increasingly strikes me as I continue the research is that the response is coming mainly from individuals, and not from the bishops to whom Cardinal Hummes addressed his original letter, unless they are silently behind these individual initiatives. I certainly intend no criticism of the bishops by remarking on this aspect of the situation.

    I've written elsewhere that I think a spiritual director is necessary, particularly if, as it seems, (like me) you have chosen spiritual motherhood as a vocation for life.

    In union of prayer


  3. Hi Jane
    I am in the UK.I have emailed you as well.

    Ros aka shadowlands

  4. Hi! I"m Kelly. Have also emailed you.

  5. Hello! I'm Genna, and I live in Washington, DC. I have not officially become a "spiritual mother of priests" but praying for them is one of the most important parts of my life. Thanks for the lovely site!

  6. Jane,
    I think I commented on another of your posts, but only today have been able to hit the follow button.
    I too found you through Fr. Mark and I reside in New Jersey, USA.I adopted a priest through the Opus Sanctorum Angelorum organization. I found them on the Priests In Crisis website.
    Sorry if any of this repeats my previous comment.