Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Spiritual Mothers and Friends: Thank you for your response.

I've been astonished by the volume of response to this new blog, - in the number of followers, in the comments, and in private emails. I've been answering the emails and this is the best thing I could have been doing. However, it's meant that I have not posted here today as I originally intended. Those posts will come in God's good time, the meditations on the Chaplet for instance. But the experience of the last 48 hours has shown me that there are things we need to address and be aware of. You have shown me that you are seeking answers to important questions.

The main one is: How much, and in what fashion do we commit ourselves in order to be accepted as spiritual mothers of priests in the Church?

Another is: Must we be part of an official consecrated diocesan or parish group, or can we privately vow ourselves to this vocation and remain totally hidden.?

I believe that between the extremes of these alternatives is the place Our Lord wants each one of us to be. We have to pray and seek spiritual direction and discernment to know where that place is. But I will try to answer these questions in the coming days.

(All that being said, a special message to Esther in Honolulu:

I've been trying to put up your link but it hasn't worked so far. Will try again tomorrow. It's so important because it proves that we must all ask our bishops. If we do not ask........
If I can't make your short talk come up on here, I'll do an explanatory post. )

Until tomorrow,

God bless,

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