Friday, 31 July 2009

Spiritual Mothers: Where are they? First report tomorrow, DV

A picture is forming, here at least, and from my inbox, which shows the United States way ahead in response to Cardinal Hummes' initiative for Spiritual Motherhood. I suspect that this is being helped by the TSK factor (Tulsa, Bishop Slattery, Father Kirby).

First report tomorrow DV, and in the meantime, please pray for Europe!

God bless all here,



  1. Jane, I am from the state of Ohio in the USA and I am one who learned about your blog from Father Kirby. I was led to his site by the Holy Spirit almost two years ago and have been following his posts ever since then.
    God bless you for following the Holy Spirit's inspiration to start this blog. Since I have recently started checking out blogs that are dedicated to (or drawing attention to) prayer and spiritual motherhood for priests, I am greatly encouraged by what I see! How inspiring it is to see Catholics from all over the world united in this cause for priests!
    God bless Pope Benedict XVI for designating this year for the sanctification of priests and drawing attention to their need for spiritual support!
    God bless your efforts on behalf of Our Lord's beloved priests. You remain in my prayers.

  2. one grateful haart:

    from another one to you, thank you for your enthusiasm and your prayers. You remain in mine too.


  3. Thanks, Jane--I need all the prayers I can get!