Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Rome update

Dear Spiritual Mothers, Followers and Friends,

The main arrangements are all made but now am trying to fix meetings with other Anglophone bloggers who will be going. D.V., I intend to publish final arrangements and plans on Friday evening.These will appear on my Oasis blog.  and there will be an email address for you to message me whilst I'm in Rome. If anyone can do that, it will encourage my strength and determination and remind me that I'm not alone. So please check me out on Friday.

I tried to fax Cardinal Piacenza today (too late to write), to let him know that 'we' would be at the PCCS bloggers' meeting on May 2. I wanted to promise him, after his kind letter to me in September last, that if the opportunity presents itself at the meeting, I will do everything I can to raise the profile of Spiritual Motherhood, in its various forms.The fax would not transmit. The Dicastery is probably closed for Easter and the Beatification, but I will keep trying.

Please pray for me. Never having been to Rome before, I am very nervous!

Until Friday then, God bless you all.

Have a peaceful and blessed Eastertide,



  1. I am praying that you find a friend to 'hang out' with, whilst yiou are there Jane. Don't forget, Jesus and Our Lady are with you, next to you. I am sure you will soon make friends. God has already got someone in mind, just you wait and see. I will check out your Oasis blog on Friday too and email you. Have a great time, enjoy!! Ros.

  2. Dear Ros,
    Thanks so much for your prayers and concern. I have indeed committed it all to Jesus and Our Lady, but think they expect me to do what I can too!
    I might post on the Oasis tomorrow instead of Friday. J.