Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Please sign new petition in support of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI

Please investigate this site and sign the petition here It's international and already I spot Italian, French, Irish and English names. Grateful mantilla twitch to Annie of the LMS Arundel and Brighton blog (link on my Oasis blog). You should all keep an eye on Annie. She's often first with things!

In Christo pro Papa


  1. Thanks, Jane, for sharing this information. I'll add it to my blog, Eucharistic Adoration for Priests.

    I also want to draw your attention to a novena for the Holy Father sponsored by the Knights of Columbus, beginning on Divine Mercy Sunday, April 11th and concluding on April 19th, the fifth anniversary of his election as our Pope. I've posted the information on Eucharistic Adoration for Priests today (eucharisticadorationforpriests.blogspot.com).

    Also, there is the great prayer campaign, Rosary for the Bishop (rosaryforthebishop.org) which includes Pope Benedict as Bishop of Rome.

    I pray the news spreads far and wide for all initiatives in support of our dear Pope Benedict XVI!

  2. one grateful heart, thanks so much for this info. I'll advertise it all on this and my other blog later this evening. Far and wide is the motto all right!

    God bless,
    In Christo pro Papa