Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Reports resume tomorrow, DV

- with perhaps some reflections on the Holy Father's speech to the Curia earlier this week. From the published reports you would think it was merely a rather low key, and if you saw it, a rather tired trawl through the events of his year. No such thing. He crafts his homilies and speecches with impeccable intention and care. At heart his emphasis is sacramental and therefore there is always a message for priests, in this case specifically the curial body. To my ear, at root, this one was about recognition of guilt, and the need for the Sacrament of Reconciliation and true penance thereafter. Only through these, can there be a progression towards true justice and peace. The worldly events he reported were only illustrations to point his lesson. He noted a decline in Confession on the part of the faithful as damaging and something to be redressed. And my immediate reaction was, 'And who can best lead the way in this but priests themselves?'

If I am wrong, may God forgive and correct me.


  1. You are not wrong, Jane.

    But also, Priests need to offer Confession more, ideally before Mass. Every time Father starts hearing Confessions more regularly, more and more people go.

  2. Thanks Mark. Yes, I was coming to that!