Monday, 31 January 2011

Pope sets doves free for world peace

Click for Rome Reports video clipPope sets doves free for world peace

I like Rome Reports, but their commentaries sometimes leave a lot to be desired in the accuracy department. If you are slapdash in the small things, why should you be trusted in the large ones?
This clip is a case in point. Since when have two doves been designated as a flock? As far as I know only two doves are released whilst the Pope is at his window. In any case he only releases the first dove, and the charm of this particular occasion, was that the second dove twice flew back into the Holy Father's study, mainly because the young boy who tried to project it into the air, couldn't get the right angle to ensure its flight. Only the second dove twice did a u-turn, the first bird having been deftly released by Pope Benedict. He can hardly have been too surprised by the second dove's behaviour because exactly the same thing happened last year. As it was this year, the second bird nearly landed on the Pontiff's head!
The metaphor about peace which the commentary transmits, is perhaps justifiable, but no more so than the one I prefer. Namely, the dove is symbolic above all of the Holy Spirit. Last year a friend and I agreed that it was as if the Dove didn't want to leave the Successor of Peter, a symbol of the presence of the Holy Spirit with our Holy Father. That would have given a hopeful balance to the commentary.


  1. Yes ,I remember the last time the dove returned to the Holy Father.Strange to see it happen again.Mostly I think, birds, when released, fly out into freedom away from capture and would not fly back inside.Maybe as you say, it is to with the angle Jane.I prefer to think with you also,that The Holy Spirit(often described as being in the form of a dove)lives within our great and good Pope Benedict.

    often described as being in the form of a dove

  2. Bless you Sandy. We obviously think in the same way about these matters.
    btw, I'm still trying to link to your blog. No success yet but will keep up a weekly effort.