Friday, 24 September 2010

Letter from Rome about the Litany of Loreto received on the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows

Please forgive silence for so long. For an English-woman the build-up to, and experience of, the Holy Father's visit to UK has been indescribable. I am still not properly down to earth, if indeed I ever will be. On the eve of the Visit I received a letter about my original letter to the Pope, from Archbishop Piacenza at the Congregation for Clergy. The full text of the letter is here on the Oasis blog. I will post more about it here soon, but want all Spiritual Mothers, friends and followers to know that I mentioned you all in my letter to the Holy Father, so the Archbishop's reference to Spiritual Motherhood in his letter, apply to you as well as to me. His Dicastery knows about what we all strive to do and how many there are of us.

God bless


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